Cloud computing and virtualized solutions (such as virtual data rooms) are in high demand among commercial organizations. The introduction of these technologies makes it possible to simplify IT infrastructure management, facilitate scaling, reduce maintenance and licensing costs, and save on purchasing expensive equipment. Renting a virtual data room to solve your IT problems is a popular and effective IT solution for businesses today.

Many modern organizations are considering introducing VDR technology, as this opens up several advantages for the company.

Who might need a data room?

Today, VDR can interest any business (from small to large), startup, non-profit organization, or government. Every company that is interested in comfortable work through visualization and reliable data protection should pay attention to VDR.

Top reasons for adopting cloud computing and virtualization

There are several reasons to pay attention to the virtual data room:

  • Savings on equipment. In a data room, multiple projects can run on a single set of devices, whereas a traditional infrastructure build would require a much more powerful hardware solution.
  • Savings on software licensing. Very often, licensing is tied to pieces of equipment, not the number of users. Therefore, when one physical server serves many users, licenses are needed much less than in a traditional organization.
  • The speed of infrastructure deployment and scaling. A well-configured cloud allows you to quickly and easily launch a new regional office or expand your infrastructure.
  • High level of security. Data rooms provide a highly secure environment, which may be relevant for some organizations. Encryption standards are the same as in banking institutions. It also uses double authentication. In the virtual data room, you can flexibly configure access for specific users, so there are no internal information leaks.

Also, virtual data rooms allow you to comply with the laws on storing and processing personal data on your equipment. Different countries have different requirements for this process. However, it is undeniable that all states require that information about the company’s customers must be in a safe place. In no case should the data fall into third hands.

Private VDR for a business or startup

The data room is a virtualized solution built on the provider’s equipment for the needs of external companies. The important thing is that the equipment is located in different parts of the world and not in your office – it cannot be physically damaged, and it is almost impossible to get to the data.

The virtual data room is a logical continuation and development of the concept of virtualization. Cloud solutions use virtualization to manage server resources and consolidate workloads.

If there are many tasks with a large number of virtual servers, or the number of users, data or clients grows significantly. Therefore, if you need to change the configuration of resources frequently, you need to contact your provider to expand your capabilities.

Virtualization in the cloud is easier, faster, and cheaper than purchasing and configuring physical hardware. This explains the high popularity of virtualized and cloud solutions since business needs for IT infrastructure are constantly increasing, and there is a need for a relatively inexpensive and convenient solution.